Working from home? How to have the perfect home office 

Before the change

When I started working from home as a Regional Account Manager for the Planning Portal I worked from my home study in the house. Often my children coming home from school signified the end of my working day. The postman knocking on the door would interrupt phone calls, and online meetings and general life at home would easily interrupt concentration.

Time to make the change

When I set up my own practice in 2012 I decided immediately to set up a garden office. I started by purchasing a kit form summer house at around £800 and converted it myself by insulating the floor, walls and roof. An electrician extended the shed electrics to it and wired the lights and power sockets. I ran a 50 m extension to the phone lines and ran an ethernet cable from my router and we were good to go. It was just big enough with a corner desk and some filing cabinets to run a business. I create as little paper as possible with all my files being electronically stored off site.

Last year I decided to try and grow my business, which required a bigger space, including a toilet and somewhere to make tea and coffee. I looked at kit-form timber buildings which you can get to many varying sizes but the quality wasn’t that good, so I went with my own design to a contractor who built my 6m x 3m timber frame building for me. It has substantial walls with weatherboard cladding and good levels of insulation. There is space for two desks, cabinets, a tea-making area with sink and a separate cloak room with wc and basin and potential for a shower if I need to change it to an annexe.

home office

The result is a building that’s not only useful to me, but has added value to the property, when compared to the converted summer house I orginally had. Overall it is a much more comfortable building to work in and still maintains that lock up and go home feeling at the end of the day. Also, I am not in the way of my family at home in the house. If you would like to know more about my little home office and how we did it, give me a call.

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